Morgantown Offers MORE!

Holly Childs, CEcD

955 Hartman Run Road
Suite 200
Morgantown, WV 26505
304.296.6684 Phone
304.594.8085 Cell

Locate Your Business In The MORGANTOWN AREA

The Morgantown Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) offers “MORE” for you and your company. We have what knowledge-based businesses are seeking - a major research university (West Virginia University), plenty of brainpower, an ample inventory of available buildings and sites, and a good quality of life for you and your employees.

Most communities claim to have a good quality of life, but in the Morgantown Area we can document it! Morgantown is consistently rated as one of the best small metropolitan areas in the country for both lifestyle and business climate.

The presence of West Virginia University, a large health care industry, and the continued growth of advanced technology industries along the Interstate 79 High Tech Corridor, help to insure a bright and prosperous future for the Morgantown MSA.

The Morgantown Area Economic Partnership (MAP) can answer your questions about doing business here, and help you participate in available business assistance programs. Locate here and grow your business with us!